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I am a person who enjoys seeing people follow their Passion.

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Serving others is not an option but it's our mandate.

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With 27 plus years of experience in equipping students in media, I have learned to understand the deep meaning of the word CALLING. Everyone in the world who is born has a unique gift and that’s what I call your CALLING.


Ashvin is an alumnus of the film institute and has undergone training at Crossroads, Burlington in Television Broadcasting.

He was the course Director at Race Loyola College and Bharadhidhasan University where more than 400 plus students have been trained and placed in the market.


A panel of freelance producers in CBS 60 minutes New York, Producer in the channel of Hope - In expo 2000.


NRB International committee member.
Part of Media Alliance Leadership Team.


Recipient of Media Excellence Award at NRB, USA.


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December 2023
December, 2023

Dear Reader,

As we enter December, I find myself pondering two questions:

  1. What new shift can occur for me this month?
  2. Is God expecting something different from me in December?

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of final-year students in media studies, and I noticed that each student had expectations. Two ordinary people in the Bible who caught my attention were Simeon and Anna. I found three unique aspects about them:

  1. Simeon and Anna sought spiritual SATISFACTION.
  2. Simeon and Anna submitted to the DIRECTION of the HOLY SPIRIT.
  3. Simeon and Anna were blessed with REVELATION during their search.

They saw and recognized the Messiah who the world hadn't witnessed at that point. Their search brought real meaning and satisfaction, and God was pleased with their search, granting them fullness of joy.

If our search is solely for worldly things, it may never end. However, if our search is guided by the Holy Spirit, as by Simeon and Anna, we can hold onto treasures and find satisfaction. I realised the need to shift my focus from a worldly search to an eternal and satisfying search.

May this December be a month of SATISFACTION, DIRECTION, and REVELATION for you.

Wishing you a great month ahead.

- Ashvin Dhyriam

November, 2023

Dear Reader,

As we enter November, two words resonate in my mind: "Challenges" and "Forward."

How do I overcome challenges, and how do I move forward despite the challenges I face? Challenges enable us to make tough decisions, and they can either propel us forward or hold us back.

As I was reading the book of Nehemiah from the Bible, I realised that he faced complex challenges while thinking about the "good." But did Nehemiah finish what he started despite all the impossibilities?

I find five key secrets from his life, and these five keys will help us move forward and not backwards:

  1. Nehemiah RELIED on God.
  2. Nehemiah RESPECTED the opposition.
  3. Nehemiah REINFORCED the weak points.
  4. Nehemiah REASSURED the people.
  5. Nehemiah REFUSED to quit.

This November 1st, remove Nehemiah's name and insert your name, then review your situations regarding your personal or professional decisions. I am choosing to focus on these five points, and as you contemplate them, I am confident that the Holy Spirit will guide you on the necessary steps to take as you begin this month.

Have a great month ahead, and remember that by taking these five points seriously, you are moving forward.

- Ashvin Dhyriam
Does God Care?

Does God Care?
October, 2023

Dear Reader,

As we enter October, these questions are running through my mind: How do I know if this month will turn out to be a blessing to me? Will I get the expected results? Will I receive the required breakthroughs I need? Will I be healed? Will unanswered prayers be answered?

All these are valid questions. Life is a journey. The Israelites were on a journey, but their key leader, Moses was no more, and Joshua was the new leader. All these years, they had dreamt of the new land, and it was a make-or-break situation. Could they trust their new leader? Just think of the pressure Joshua would have had as he led the Israelites.

Joshua relied on three promises, and if you and I rally around these three promises, we will come out victorious, just like Joshua.

1. Joshua’s eyes were on the Creator and not on the situation, and he knew that His God was all-powerful.

2. Joshua knew that God would keep His promise; our God is not like man who will change his word.

3. Joshua also knew that God would carry him through, and he did not rely on his own strategy or his own ability but trusted God."

Even as you and I go through various situations that seem impossible, let’s look at these three promises and now replace your name in the place of Joshua. With God’s help, I am sure that this month of October will be a great month to write our own stories.

May God always be the real focus in all our situations.

- Ashvin Dhyriam

February, 2023

Dear Reader,

Does God Care?

As we have entered the 2nd month of 2023, this was my question. When we experience the loss of a loved one or a failure in our business, or when things don’t go the way we plan, we often wonder, "Does God care?". The global markets are foreseeing a recession this year. Like always, there are so many uncertainties in our lives. In the midst of all this, the Holy Spirit led me to read the book of Jonah and gave me some answers.

I see three takeaways from this short yet powerful book which reveals God’s heart.

1. He is sending a person to warn the people to repent. It’s interesting that the carrier of the message Jonah feared God and yet did not obey God. Proverbs chapters 2 to 5 say you will DISCERN the FEAR of the LORD and DISCOVER the knowledge of GOD. Having a reverential fear of God should result in obedience to God.

2. In the same story of Jonah, we find that people who did not know God, understood the power of God. In Jonah chapters 1 to 16, we see that God calmed the storm once they dealt with Jonah. They were quick to grasp the situation and turn to God. The verse says that the men feared God greatly and offered a sacrifice to the Lord and made vows. What vows did they keep?

We just got through January, a month when a lot of us make new resolutions. To introspect, let's look back and think, are we able to keep those vows and resolutions? Specifically, those related to our spiritual growth.

3. Finally, God is speaking in Jonah 4 to 11 explaining His heartbeat. God says to Jonah, "Should I not have COMPASSION on Nineveh, the great city in which there are more than 1,20,000 people who do not know the difference between their right and left hand as well as many animals?"

Does God Care?

God is not only interested in saving lives but is also interested in saving animals. He does not want anyone to perish and the fact is that He is looking for people who will obey and carry that message to others. Let us enter February on this note - He cares and He loves me. I am sure your world will change if you take this stand.

Write to me with your comments and I will be happy to respond back.

- Ashvin Dhyriam


This December, can we make a commitment to do these three things? Let’s get sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Can we also trust God to do His will despite our circumstances? Yes, all that is going on around you will not help us to reach the mark, but if we believe in spite of the impossibilities, God will help us to reach the goal. Elizabeth’s baby leapt for joy, hearing the voice of Mary. I believe this month will be a month of unique breakthroughs. People will be triggered to leap into action and do what they need to do to help you reach the goals that God has set for you.
Finally, let us not only BELIEVE but also  OBEY and stay on track with what the Holy Spirit is DIRECTING us to do. Not all our actions will have EXPLANATIONS, but all our actions will have CONSEQUENCES. If God is asking you to do something, then let us BELIVE and OBEY and do His will like Elizabeth and Mary, who accomplished all that God had in store for them. I am confident that as you consider the preceding, God will direct and guide you in this season of joy.

- Ashvin Dhyriam
December, 2022

Dear Reader,

As we enter December, we have a lot on our minds; the year is coming to an end, and many things remain undone. When we started this year, there were so many uncertainties, and now 2022 is coming to an end. As these thoughts were racing through my mind, two important women from the Bible who played a very significant role in the Messiah's coming as a baby into the world came to my mind. One is Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, and the other is Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus. Both were unique in shaping history. Elizabeth was an elder who had no children, and she needed a breakthrough. Mary was a young lady, engaged to be married, who got an unexpected call from God for an extraordinary assignment that she needed to carry out. Mary, too, needed God’s help and direction in a big way. What was common to these two women of faith is that, though they had questions like us, they had to totally trust God in spite of their circumstances. God’s standards are not the world’s standards. The question I ask myself is, "Am I sensitive to understanding God’s perspective?" Jesus was to come only when John had prepared the way. When John finished his ministry, Jesus started his ministry. God never makes mistakes, and He does things at the right time, in the right season, and for the right reasons. The focus now is on the two mothers who experienced the Holy Spirit in a very unusual way, and we can see and visualise this in Luke.
(Luke 1: 41 - 45.
41 When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leapt in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. 42 In a loud voice she exclaimed: "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear! 43 But why am I so favourably chosen that the mother of my Lord should come to me? 44 As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leapt for joy. 45) "Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil his promises to her!"
There are 3 key takeaways I learn from the above passage.
1. Both Elizabeth and Mary were SENSITIVE to the direction of the Holy Spirit.
2. Both BELIEVED  in spite of impossibilities.
3. Both OBEYED and STAYED on track in fulfilling God’s plan.

November, 2022

Dear Reader,

As we enter November, this verse comes to mind: Ephesians 1:13-14:
After hearing the WORD OF TRUTH, the gospel of your salvation, in whom you also believed, you were SEALED with the HOLY SPIRIT promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession to the glory of His glory.
Please go through the depth of this meaning, "sealed."
The apostle Paul took three missionary journeys throughout the Roman Empire. In AD 53, Paul first ministered in Ephesus. But Paul did not remain there. Paul stayed for two years and made his base there (Acts 19:1–20). After 10 years, he wrote this powerful letter to his valued friends in Ephesus. Ephesus is one of the seven wonders of the world. The Great Temple of Artemis was in Ephesus. The meaning of "sealed by the Holy Spirit" has three key functions:
1. A seal speaks of a FINISHED TRANSACTION.
2. A seal implies ownership; God has put His seal on us because He has purchased us to be his own. (1 Corinthians 6:19 and 20)
3. A seal means security and protection. (Matthew 27:62–66) The Roman seal on the tomb of Jesus
Ephesians 4:30 says he does not leave us. Even as we enter the month of November, let’s hold on to these three functions of a SEAL.
Let’s always remember that we have been bought with the blood of Jesus, and therefore we are sealed. Let’s not grieve the Holy Spirit but rather walk in his ways to move to a higher anointing. Let this November month be a month of rich anointing where we can experience God's protection and covering as we are SEALED.

- Ashvin Dhyriam
October, 2022

Dear Reader,

As we start October, the book of Ezra is of inspiration to me. Ezra rose up to the expectation of God in a very unique way, in a very difficult time, for the people of God. I always think of ways in which we can align with God. Ezra was able to align with God and move in God’s anointing and the key verse for this is found in Ezra 7:10 For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord, and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel.
Three key points for us:
1. Ezra devoted himself to STUDY the word of God. We all read the word of God but we don’t study intently. Ezra studied the word of God intently with Focus. In another translation, it says Ezra PREPARED his heart to study the word of God.
2. Ezra not only studied but he also was IN OBSERVANCE to what he studied. What it means is that Ezra followed what he studied. Some translation says Ezra dedicated himself to follow what he studied.
3. Ezra TAUGHT.
Now, ‘taught’ is not only preaching or teaching but also communication by your actions.
Ezra took time to practice what he studied. I personally see three kingdom principles
Even as we start this month, let us follow these key points to move in alignment with God.

- Ashvin Dhyriam
September, 2022

Dear Reader,

God is faithful, and He is constantly looking at people who upgrade and update their skills. People with skills will always be in demand and with skills come humility and the ability to serve in the kingdom. It is not just the ability that counts, but also the need and purpose to accomplish the assignment.
As I was reading 2 Chronicles 2:7,
Solomon is asking Hiram, King of Tyre, to send him at once a man skilled in working in gold and silver, in bronze and iron, in purple and crimson and blue, who has the SKILL to engrave with the skillful men who are with him in Judah and Jerusalem. The next verse is quite impressive. The king responds with confidence. 2 Chronicles 2-13 - I have sent a SKILLFUL man endowed with the understanding of Huram, my master craftsman.
The climax is in this verse  2 Chronicles 2-14 - He will accomplish any plan which may be given to him, with your skillful men and with the skillful men of my lord, David, your father.
Huram not only went and worked, but according to 2 Chronicles 4:11, "Huram finished doing the work that he was to do for King Solomon for the house of God."
What I learned from the above incident is the following:
1. There was a need for King Solomon to hire skillful people.
2. The King of Tyre’s confidence in his staff Huram to get this this work done. 3. Huram, who was sent to accomplish the task
This September, can we be that Huram who can get the work done?
This September, can we be trusted like how King Hiram trusted Huram?
This September, can we be called finishers with excellence?
May the good Lord, who was with David and Solomon, be with you and lead you this September to be a skillful leader for the kingdom.

- Ashvin Dhyriam
August, 2022

Dear Reader,

Even as we enter the month of August the question that many are asking is Does God speak? This could be your question this month. Hebrews Chapter 1-1 Tells us that God after He spoke long ago to the Fathers in the Prophets in Many Portions and in Many Ways. This one verse clearly explains that God did not just speak but spoke in many portions, many ways.
The real question we need to be asking is Are we listening?
One of the questions I have asked Bro MD Jagan is, Why did God reveal the future events of the world to The Apostle John on Patmos island when Apostle John himself was chained in a prison? It is quite an irony to see this picture, on one hand, the creator of the universe is speaking and revealing things about the future on the other hand the recipient is in jail with chains with many uncertainties about his own future. The answer to this question is that when God speaks he wants no distraction and He will speak only when we are alone and focused. The other key takeaway in this point is He will only speak when he knows you can deliver His job, or if YOU can be TRUSTED. God does not speak to lazy, and inefficient people. He knew that Apostle John could be TRUSTED as he was TESTED. In other words, we need to ask ourselves, are we that TRUSTWORTHY person? Even as we start the month of August, let’s take time to be alone in His presence, let’s take time to read His word, and let’s ask God for a spirit of excellence, let’s also move from a level of regular prayers to the level of Trust. God speaks and He speaks even now, let’s move to the level of listening to HIM. May this month of august be a month of moving into the dimension of God trusting us with His assignments.

- Ashvin Dhyriam
July 2022

Dear Reader,

Sometimes we miss out on the larger part of a blessing as we don’t keep a checklist of what we need to follow in being fruitful. When I was reading 2 Peter 1: 5-7, I found 7 keys which we need to tick as a checklist for being fruitful and apostle Peter clearly explains this. As we enter the 7th month of this year 2022,
Let’s keep these 7 keys close to our hearts.
1. Moral Excellence.
2. Knowledge.
3. Self-control.
4. Perseverance.
5. Godliness.
6. Brotherly kindness.
7. Love.
Each word is key and has a deep meaning. Even as we enter July, I am trying my best to follow this in my life and I urge you to take time in your devotion and look at these key words and see what’s lacking and let’s ask the Holy Spirit who is our helper to help us to fill in the gaps to be fruitful.
Let’s look back on what happened in June and see if we can improve our work in July. If we don’t improve then we are not progressing but rather stagnant, if we are improving then we are in the right track for growth.

All the best for July!

- Ashvin Dhyriam
June, 2022

Dear Reader,

As we enter the month of June, let’s be mindful of the fact that God, in His mercy, has carried us this 5 months. As the year began, there were so many uncertainties. Yet, He has given us life and sustained us . The real question we need to be asking ourselves is 'what are we asking God this June?' - or 'what is our prayer to God?' One of the best prayers which any one can ask is found in Psalms 27:4-5, which says -
One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek. That I may dwell in the house of the lord all the days of my life. To behold the beauty of the Lord and to meditate in His temple. For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle. In the secret place of His tent He will hide me. He will life me up on a rock.

The reason I say this verse as one of the best prayers is:
1. The writer of this psalm is not asking God for riches, long life, etc. Rather, he is clear in his mind about God. He is asking God for His PRESENCE that he may dwell with Him all his life.
2. He is seeking this request in order to MEDITATE in His temple. This June, can we take time to sit in God's presence to meditate in his word?
3. Why do we need to mediate? This could be your question. The answer is found in the same verse- 'God shields those who depend on Him'. The verse says in the day of trouble He will CONCEAL me in His tabernacle. In the secret place He will HIDE me. He will LIFT me up on a rock.

- Ashvin Dhyriam
May, 2022

Dear Reader,

Even as we enter May, the hottest month of the year, let’s keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in our lives. The outside climate matters a lot and in a way, we don’t have control over that. But the climate within can be controlled and this matters a lot for our progress. I am reading the book of Acts and it’s quite interesting to note that after the resurrection, the same disciples who were afraid, took bold steps to build momentum on their call of life. It’s this call of action which they took, that changed the world and that’s what we read in ACTS.
There are 3 takeaways for us as action steps this month.
1. Confidence - we see that the book of Acts is all about being in sync with the Holy Spirit and being confident that He will guide us no matter what may come.
2. Conviction - working hard with your heart is more important than working with your mind. We can have frustration when we work hard with our minds. But when we work with our hearts- with passion, we will never get tired.
3. Connection - focussing on others and working as a team is key for the right connection. What is important is not about what you know. Rather, it’s all about getting the job done as a team which will bring success and satisfaction.
All the best as we set the right climate to approach the month ahead.

- Ashvin Dhyriam
April, 2022

Dear Reader,

27 years ago today, GoodNews TV started with only prayer and vision as the primary investments. Both my father and mother had only this. Money was important but they banked on these two words: “Prayer and Vision”. Today, as we embark and continue with all our work, let’s not forget these two primary investments which are deep down in the foundation. This is a reminder to me and my family and to all of us in GN family to stay focussed on the primary foundation.

- Ashvin Dhyriam

This verse was my mother’s favourite verse:
“How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of those who bring GoodNews, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, your God reigns.”

- Isaiah 52: 7
March, 2022

Dear Reader,

The verse which God is giving us as a promise is found in Psalm 138: 7, 8.
These verses explain in detail the future journey of all. I request each one who is reading this message to keep these verses in prayer and focus on the journey ahead. Only those who see and firmly believe in this vision will stay with us and I pray that God’s favour and God’s anointing will be with us as we embark towards a new journey ahead. Will meet you soon with more updates.

- Ashvin Dhyriam

நான் துன்பத்தின் நடுவில் நடந்தாலும் நீர் என்னை உயிர்ப்பிப்பீர்; என் சத்துருக்களின் கோபத்துக்கு விரோதமாக உமது கையை நீட்டுவீர்; உமது வலதுகரம் என்னை இரட்சிக்கும். 8கர்த்தர் எனக்காக யாவையும் செய்து முடிப்பார்; கர்த்தாவே, உமது கிருபை என்றுமுள்ளது; உமது கரத்தின் கிரியைகளை நெகிழவிடாதிருப்பீராக.

- சங்கீதம் 138: 7,8

Though I Walk In The Midst Of Trouble, You Preserve My Life; You Stretch Out Your Hand Against The Anger Of My Foes, With Your Right Hand You Save Me. The Lord Will Fulfil His Purpose For Me; Your Love, O Lord, Endures Forever- Do Not Abandon The Works Of Your Hands.
I personally like the word - ‘the Lord will fulfil His purpose’ and the last line which says ‘do not abandon the works of your hands’. Let’s keep our eyes on the work of our hands to move to the next dimension.

- Psalm 138: 7, 8

February, 2022

Dear Reader,

As we have entered the second month in 2022 let's move forward with God's help.
The verse which comes to my mind is Genesis 15-1, ‘Fear not Abram , I am your shield and your great reward’.
Three Takeaways in this:
1. SHEILD - is not partial protection but full protection. Who gets this shield is the question. If we walk with Christ, we have HIS protection.
2. The next take away is the word REWARD - who gets rewards - REWARD is given to the people who are faithful in the Lord, Abram not just walked in faith but he was faithful to the Lord in many ways. If you and I need to be in this list, we need to be faithful in the little we do.
3. The Verce starts with “Fear not”. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is against Faith and will kill our reward. And the question is- why should we walk with fear when we walk with truth and a clear mind? Let this month be a month of reflection on three words - SHEILD, REWARD, FAITHFUL.

- Isaiah 52: 7
January, 2022

Dear Reader,

As we are in the last few hours of this year, let’s look back with gratitude to God for all that He has done. Let’s rededicate ourselves once again to serve Him more passionately in the new year 2022. This year began with so many uncertainties but as we close the year, we are closing with a new confidence that He will carry us through. The Verse which is coming for us is:

- Jeremiah 17- 7,8

‘Blessed is the man who TRUSTS in the LORD, and whose TRUST is the LORD. For he will be like a tree planted by the WATER, that extends its roots by a STREAM, and will not FEAR when the HEAT comes. But its leaves will be GREEN, and it will not be ANXIOUS in a year of drought nor cease to yield FRUIT’. All the words in capital letters are key. In closing, three things:
1. Let’s stay focussed on the work which God has given us.
2. Let’s be committed to prayer and let’s remember that God is our provider for our families.
3. Let’s ask God for a fresh creative outlook in the work we do and let’s expect new dimensions as we move into the new year 2022.
All the best and wishes to all as you enter the new year.

- Ashvin Dhyriam

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